Apple Watch Can Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Apple plans to add a blood pressure monitoring feature to its smartwatch in 2024. The Apple Watch can scan for heart conditions and call for medical assistance after accidents. Apple plans to develop a broader set of features as part of its bigger ambitions for health monitoring. Apple is now working on updating the sensor and software for the watch that can determine if the user has high blood pressure. However, accuracy has been a challenge throughout the testing period. There is no doubt that blood-pressure features will be central to smartwatches in the coming years. Mastering the technology has not been easy, though.

Apple’s rivals, such as Samsung Electronics Co., offer watches with a similar capability. But they must be calibrated monthly using a conventional monitor. The watch would alert users to the possibility of hypertension or high blood pressure. Additionally, they are looking to add non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to the watch, which will benefit people with diabetes. This video at Bloomberg by Mark Gurman shares further details about the smartwatch.

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