How to Implement Your Project Schedule Efficiently

Suppose you are leading a crucial project for your company. You have figured out all the project details, such as resource allocation, project duration, and required tools and techniques. However, when you start working on the project, you realize that team members are not following your project schedule. They are not meeting the deadlines and compromising on the work quality. Well, envisioning a project schedule is as important as its effective implementation. In her article for Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares why it is crucial to have a template for a project schedule and how to implement it.

Understanding a Project Schedule and Its Significance

Observing Signals

When you implement a project schedule, some signals can give you an idea if your team is following your plan or not:

Your team keeps questioning the timescale.There is a delay in project tasks.Your team members are focusing on unnecessary tasks.You and your team are experiencing needless pressure.Everyone on the team is working hard, but the results are unsatisfactory.Your team’s confidence is gradually falling.

How It Affects the Team and the Project

When such things occur more frequently, the senior leadership, stakeholders, and clients lose confidence in you. Consequently, you might start putting more pressure on your team. But doing so further deteriorates the project.

Finding the Solution

You need to understand that you cannot do everything yourself. Your team is an extended part of you, and everyone has to work coherently. Discuss your project schedule with your team before implementing it.

Implementing Your Project Schedule

There are several things that you can do to implement an effective schedule:

Narrow down the details – Get into the details of your project and discuss the template for the project schedule with your team.Consider dependencies – Your team members are experts in their specific fields. So, get their insights on different aspects. Implement a collective schedule – It is better to involve your team when you plan a schedule. 

How to Measure Growth

Once you implement a collective schedule, you will see the following changes:

Your team understands your ideas better and listens to you earnestly.You and your team are better aware of the team dependencies.Your team knows the realistic time estimates required to complete project tasks.There is transparent and bidirectional communication between you and other team members.

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