Learn How to Emanate Leadership Body Language

Leadership body language plays an important role in ensuring team members receive the right message of engagement and participation. When communicating with others, body language can significantly impact others, whether you are conscious of it or not. What you say will only play a small role in how others evaluate your credibility, confidence, empathy, and trustworthiness. Their assessment will be amplified by what you do. Depending on how you use physical space, gestures, posture, and facial expressions, you can improve, undermine, or even sabotage your impact as a leader. This article on LinkedIn by Carol Kinsey Goman explains the importance of body language for leaders.

Impact of Leadership Body Language

Business interactions involve verbal and nonverbal communication over two channels, resulting in simultaneously two separate conversations. In a 30-minute discussion, two people can send 800 different non-verbal signals that impact beyond the well-written speeches and strategies. According to research, when verbal and nonverbal signals are not aligned, people will subconsciously believe what they see.

Making an Impression with Gestures

Goman elaborates on sitting and standing positions that will radiate confidence and leadership with your body language. The audience does not just want to see that you are powerful and authoritative. They also want to know that you are friendly, warm, and inclusive. Again, the correct body language and gestures can be helpful. For example, smiles say “hello,” head tilts signify curiosity, head nods indicate understanding, and mirroring others’ body language is a way to connect nonverbally.

When you rotate your hands palms-down, you are showing authority. Using the steeple gesture (where the tips of your fingers touch but your palms stay separate) signifies that you are confident about what you are saying.

Body language in interviews is equally important. Interviewees are trained to lean toward interviewers and make eye contact to make a positive impression.

Furthermore, Goman explains other body language and gestures that are critical to making a statement as a leader.

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