Top Venture Capitalists That Made the List

A diverse group of up-and-coming investors from the 2022 Midas list comprises people with unique talents, experiences, backgrounds, and expertise poised to take center stage in the Venture Capital world. Together with the Midas List, TrueBridge and Forbes have published the list of the most promising venture capitalists on the rise this year, highlighting their career achievements. The investing companies’ evaluation is based on their public or acquired value over five years. Or if their private value has doubled to at least $400 million since their initial investment.

Many companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Stripe, etc., have made the list several times. Chris Dixon is now the top crypto investor. He has jumped six spots, thanks to his firm’s continued investments in Coinbase. Furthermore, Dixon’s portfolio includes the decentralized exchange Uniswap and NBA Top Shots creator Dapper Labs. Additionally, This year there are 11 women on the Midas list. Micky Malka, a Venezuelan investor, has taken the second spot on the list. This video by Alex Konrad at Forbes speaks further about the venture capitalists that made the Midas list.

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