Why Cloud PCs Are the Ideal Choice over a Virtual Desktop?

The future of work has generated a lot of coverage recently. Businesses will increasingly turn to hybrid models to ensure employees can access corporate assets and workflows from anywhere by leveraging cloud-based technologies. Cloud and virtual desktops have their advantages, but the difference between them will be crucial for many organizations. This article by Amitabh Sinha at Forbes discusses the pros and cons of cloud pcs and virtual desktop solutions.

Challenges of Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

Many companies solely depend on Windows frameworks, not just for applications but also for security, authentication, and workflows. With more people working remotely, the corporate network’s ability to protect assets has significantly diminished. When hybrid or remote employees access enterprise resources from other devices, securing a company-issued machine is ineffective.

Usually, traditional VDI involves an enterprise running Windows in its own data center to provide secure remote access to workers. This fixes the need to make enterprise resources available outside the office, but that is all it accomplishes. Legacy VDI has become slow and yields poor performance, killing productivity. Additionally, VDI requires more IT resources to maintain it.

Numerous alternatives to on-premises VDI have emerged due to these limitations, but few satisfy scalability, performance, and manageability requirements. A DaaS offering is often just VDI hosted in the data center of a managed service provider (MSP). It does not help resolve remote resource problems and performance concerns.

Benefits of Cloud PCs

Unlike retrofitting legacy VDI for today’s IT landscape, businesses need a cloud-native, SaaS-based approach. Here are a few benefits of using Cloud PCs:

Elastic computing and pricing – They help scale resources per requirement. Companies pay only for the resources they use.Low latency, high security, and global accessibility – The system’s security is always up-to-date with SaaS service. Furthermore, you get the optimum speed with Cloud PCs deployed on public networks.Enhanced end-point security with SaaS – Using the cloud to host the OS, IT can monitor usage and provide security insights.Multicloud agility – To optimize their system workloads, businesses must be able to adapt Cloud PC deployments over time based on their evolving business needs, employee preferences, etc.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/googlecloud/2021/12/14/hybrid-work-needs-cloud-pcs-not-vdi/?sh=44eed5b7283d

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