Team Building Tips That Are Hard to Ignore

Every project, no matter the size and scope, is complex. So, how do you achieve project success? Many experts believe that the first crucial step towards project success is building an effective team. Team building is an art. Therefore, forming an effective team is one of the critical competencies of a successful project manager. In this article at Project Smart, Arthur Cooper explains how project managers must choose their people and form them into a well-functioning group.

Team Building Tips for Project Leaders

Plan Before Considering Team Building Activities

You must have a well-thought-out plan in place before selecting a team. Understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Document the main objectives and specific assignments that teams must achieve to reach project goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are there enough resources available in-house to create a successful project team?What are the deadlines for every objective?

Consider Employees’ Backgrounds

Building great teams is a blend of psychological knowledge and leadership. As a project leader, you must understand every team member’s strengths and weaknesses. “Concentrate on the skills you need for the job at hand. Do not be seduced by reams of paper qualifications you will never need,” says Cooper.

Effectively Communicate

Remember that project teams tend to perform well as long as every individual gets an opportunity to speak. Therefore, create a communication plan to support regular interaction via emails, feedback sessions, meetings, and presentations. Furthermore, make your communication practices more inclusive and establish meeting practices to give everyone a voice.

Engage Your Teams

Communication and collaboration between customers, managers, and team members are vital to project success and team building. Everyone from executives to team members must have an in-depth understanding of the desired outcome of a project.

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