Top PM Best Practices to Lead Change Management

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To stay ahead of new technological developments, organizations must embrace change. However, managing organizational change is complicated. Enterprises are more likely to succeed when they proactively plan change initiatives. If companies incorrectly manage the change, it will undoubtedly lead to loss of productivity and poor performance from project management (PM) teams. In this article at CIO.com, Stephanie Overby explains how IT organizations must assess, address, and reinforce their ability to adapt and transform. The article also sheds some light on the PM best practices for change management.

PM Best Practices for a Successful Transition

Prioritizing Your People

People drive change. Change initiatives fail when the people involved do not understand, believe in, or engage in the transition. Therefore, prioritizing employees during the transition is one of the PM best practices for change management. Leaders can accomplish this through proactive change management communication and employee engagement.

Paying Attention to High and Low Points

High and low points are inevitable during change initiatives. Leaders must celebrate even the small wins during the high change points to fuel momentum. On the contrary, leaders must reset communication strategies at the low points and listen to employee inputs to build trust and support. Proactively leading the change management will help in achieving success.

Making Change Compelling Is One of the PM Best Practices

“While CIOs and business leaders have often had time to understand the rationale and wisdom of an initiative and what it will mean for them personally, others will also need some space to understand the impact,” says Overby. Employees will better understand the rationale behind the change when leaders emphasize consistent, purposeful, and clear communication.

Paying Attention to Resistance

Resistance is easier to address when it is identified early. Creating feedback loops such as surveys, feedback channels, and input sessions to identify resistance signs will help leaders position themselves and their organizations to effectively manage change.

To read other PM best practices for change management, click on https://www.cio.com/article/306342/10-hard-truths-of-change-management.html.

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