Are AI and Digital Innovation Catalysts for Business Growth?

Digital innovation and artificial intelligence will dominate the future. Your workplaces, houses, phones, cars, and even toasters are packed with intelligence. Furthermore, innovation and AI are already influencing virtually every industry and individual globally. Technology has brought many good and bad things into our lives, and it will have an even more significant impact on the world in the coming decades. This article by Anurag Shah at The Enterprisers speaks about four artificial intelligence strategies that CIOs must focus on.

Effects of Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Digital innovation and artificial intelligence are overwhelming for many leaders since they have numerous advantages and disadvantages at the same time. However, many businesses see AI as a magic wand that CIOs can wave to generate customer happiness and executive euphoria.

Digital Innovation Can Provide Actionable Insights

Identifying high-impact areas with chances to incorporate AI-based, real-time choices in business processes is one of the most critical tasks. In a competitive economy, the capacity to digest contextual information in real-time and make on-the-fly judgments is a powerful approach to differentiate products, services, and experiences.

AI Engineering and MLOps to Scale AI at an Enterprise Level

According to Gartner’s research, just 53% of artificial intelligence (AI) prototypes make it to production. AI and ML engineering are different from conventional software development, so CIOs must develop a plan to institutionalize these approaches. The most effective way to accomplish this is to establish a solid foundation backed by a governance model.

Flexible and Scalable AI Platform Based on Cloud Computing

High-performance companies use cloud infrastructure more than their competitors. It is crucial to run workloads on the cloud because it allows you to utilize a wide range of AI capabilities. In addition, infrastructure expenditures pose a significant barrier to AI advancements in businesses.

Furthermore, the author elaborates on the enterprise-wide scaling of AI in the article.  

To read the original article, click on https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2022/4/artificial-intelligence-ai-4-priorities-cios

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