Does Digital Transformation Pose an Ethical Problem?

In many ways, digital transformation is truly evolutionary. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Thus, the focus must be removed from functional skills and channeled to underline the ethical and governmental principles. Artificial intelligence can raise ethical issues such as privacy infringement and data security. These challenges must be addressed before individuals incorporate developing technology into their daily lives. Therefore, there is a need for a heightened sense of responsibility to mitigate risks that underpin the creation of such strong and potentially impactful inventions. In this article at The Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission, Jason Thacker speaks about the heightening concerns surrounding ethics and technology.

Ethical Challenges with Transformation

Many of today’s most urgent ethical concerns revolve around human identity, especially in our technologically evolved environment. If the year 2021 has taught businesses anything, it is that they must address these ethical dilemmas with urgency.

Four Issues with Digital Transformation

The most fiercely disputed subject right now is content moderation. Some argue that technology companies should moderate more content, specifically content instigating hate and misinformation. Many may not agree with limiting the actions of unaccountable contributors. These topics will only get more contentious and polarizing in the coming years. One of the most controversial issues in this argument will be where to draw the line between free speech and religious liberty in the public square.Misinformation and fake news dominate the virtual world like never before. Thus, today’s most subtle and harmful implications of technology shape how our society views truth. The overwhelming amount of information everyone confronts each day can drive us all to lose touch with reality.Due to technology’s popularity and human dependency on it, there is rising concern about personal privacy and data usage. In many cases, governments around the world are beginning to regulate how data flows and who has access to it. Data and information can and will be used, abused, and twisted for selfish purposes, as we witness every day.Digital oppression strategies are being used throughout the world. This allows harmful agencies to maintain power and dominance over the weak by propping up influential individuals and oppressive regimes.

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