Why Digital Transformation Is a Necessary Disruption

Digital transformation is core to how a company offers value to its customers. IT executives had to ramp up their change strategy over the past two years. However, there is still a distinct difference between the ability to adapt to disruption and the capabilities necessary for bold reinvention, which is the hallmark of an IT-enabled digital transformation. Organizations that forged ahead with their transformation projects during the COVID-19 pandemic may look back on what went well and what they should have done differently. In her article at CIO, Esther Shein speaks about seven successful strategies for digital transformation.

Seven Secrets to Implement Digital Transformation Successfully

Executive buy-in, frequent contact with business divisions, and financial commitment are all required for a successful transformation. Here are seven secrets from CIOs and other IT leaders to help you successfully transform your company’s digital business.

Augment Digital Transformation By Communicating Unambiguously

Tech leaders must communicate in a single language that clearly explains their company’s digital imperatives and corresponding value indicators. This will enable the C-suite to agree on a strategy and define the strategic value they expect to earn from it. They can then use the most recent AI technology developments or evolving ecosystem accelerators to boost digital trust.

Monitor Program Value with Dashboards

Dashboards are ideal for monitoring a program’s value and gain. With this, you can measure organizational and individual capabilities that support digital transformation and track the results over time.

Outsource and Automate

Outsourcing and automating repetitive tasks will free your employees to innovate and focus on upskilling. This will help you mitigate the talent crunch and reduce hiring costs.

Vet Your Vendor

It is imperative to vet your vendor’s performance history and stability before doing business with them. Drafting a slim RFP with brief points is not advisable. You must get creative and itemize your RFP in detail based on the requirements in order to receive suitable responses.

Additionally, the author also speaks about collaboration, agility, and cloud experimentations in this article.

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