Fiture Fitness Mirror: Level-Up Your At-Home Workout

Are you one of those fitness enthusiasts who do not like to work out in the presence of others? Fortunately, gadgets and connected equipment can help you exercise at home. Fiture, a new smart fitness mirror, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology and smart motion sensors to provide real-time feedback about your performance. The fitness mirror also displays life-size instructors that guide you throughout your exercise routine. Sounds interesting? Fiture can be wall-mounted. It looks nearly identical to a mirror. Fiture claims that its system can recognize more than 1,000 fitness movements, including cardio, dance, strength, etc. In addition, the mirror can also detect exercises performed on the floor, such as planks and mountain climbers. Fitness tracking and guided workouts are some valuable aspects to consider. Fiture also supports Bluetooth-enabled earphones and heart rate monitors, including the Apple Watch or Garmin heart rate band. Watch this video to learn more about the smart mirror.

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