Lack of Motivation? Here Are Tips to Get Out of the Rut

Every professional experiences a lack of motivation from time to time. “I do not feel like doing anything today” is a common struggle for even the most productive employee. Feeling overwhelmed by the to-do list is a temporary state of mind for many employees. In this video at Forbes, Amy Blaschka explains some valuable steps you can take to feel better, regain your motivation, and overcome lack of motivation. Begin by attaching a sense of significance to every single goal. For example, you may want to make a change in your life. You will be more determined to take those first crucial steps when you assess the reason ‘why.’  Furthermore, spend time outdoors—exercising or walking. Experts believe that outdoor activities can reset your mood. Finally, start small. Instead of getting overwhelmed by a mountain of tasks, choose a small goal that you can achieve and work towards it. Watch this video to learn more about such inspirational tips to keep going.

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