Can IT Best Practices Benefit from ITIL 4 Foundation?

ITIL 4 Foundation provides moving stability to the IT space. The sector is constantly changing and has a technologically disrupted environment. The framework’s flexibility balances digital transformation and product or service enhancements. This is what developers and service agents crave while working on a project. Keeping the core intact, the ITIL 4 Foundation certification facilitates a practical operating model. So, what are the benefits the certification framework assures you as a professional? In this article at Invensis Learning, discover the advantages ITIL 4 Foundation offers to practitioners that are following IT best practices.

Advantages of IT Best Practices

Axelos announced ITIL 4 Foundation in 2017. That year, they claimed that it will be more people-driven and practical. They also announced that people can adapt to the changing development panorama. So, the modified framework now provides these benefits to certified practitioners:

Compatible with the top software implementation methodologies and practicesSuitable across departments for general, technical, and service managementMore modules for upskilling, like ITIL Managing Professional and ITIL Strategic LeaderBetter future-ready opportunitiesOne of the leading certifications recognized worldwideGives the chance to earn a whopping $74,000, per PayScaleEquips with ‘smart skills’ to enhance and meet short and long-term goalsHelps assure better year-on-year return on investmentEnables practitioners to improve their working terminologies and collaborationImproved customer experience by allowing you to meet standards and requirements

How You Get to Implement Better Best Practices By…

Delivering value to the enterprise and its customersPutting lessons into practical use across various industries and business unitsApplying the framework to all job roles or hierarchy, though designed specifically for managersUndergoing an ITIL 4 Foundation exam to get qualifiedPracticing it regardless of industry, company size, geographical location, or sector

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