What PM Best Practices Help Implement IT Metrics?

It is easy to be misled by the various IT metrics and their so-called benefits. Many CIOs and IT leaders fail to understand the correct parameters for their departments or company. Bob Lewis, in his CIO.com article, says that good metrics are ‘hard to craft, harder to manage, expensive to maintain, and perishable besides.’ Meanwhile, you can find the bad ones everywhere, and ready to use. Are they really? Find out the PM best practices that can help any CIO sensibly implement IT metrics.

PM Best Practices and IT Metrics

Lewis has devised three rules or PM best practices to determine which IT metrics are best for your enterprise or team. They are given as below:

The right metrics will improve employees’ working habits and streamline their team working styles.After all the hardships and expenditures, the parameters should provide the result you are seeking.The staff will align their work in a way that will help the metric results scale up.

7 C’s for Best Practices

Once you have implemented the IT metrics, how do you know you have done the PM best practices right? Well, the metrics will display the following characteristics:

Connected – They will be connected to a business goal or an important process.Calibrated – The results will be the same whether you, the auditors, the sponsors, or the clients measure them from various viewpoints.Consistent – The metrics will show results with a direction and purpose.Complete – They will reach the milestone in the stipulated time period that you expected.Continuum – Some metrics will continue to grow. However, they will not lose focus on the core requirements for their results.Communicated – The parameters will be easy enough for people to understand and communicate with each other.Current – Your goals might change, and so will the metrics. However, good metrics will not restrict you from updating your systems and procedures.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.cio.com/article/308844/the-hard-truth-of-it-metrics.html

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