Tesla Robotaxis: How Soon Are They Hitting the Road?

Techpreneur Elon Musk has made several announcements recently. The development of Tesla robotaxis is one of them. Are these robotic electric vehicles going to drive you around? In this Tech Division video, discover what Musk is planning for the near future. We heard before that he was planning on making a $25,000 compact car. While it is true that the company is manufacturing compact vehicles, they are automated Tesla robotaxis. The automated taxis will not have peddles or steering wheels. Additionally, they will be more spacious because of the absence of an engine. The interior of the vehicles might also get rid of things you usually expect to see, such as rear-view or side mirrors, options, or gears. Furthermore, you do not have to face a definite direction to travel in these vehicles. What if you could order a robotaxi with a unique seat configuration? Doesn’t that sound fun?

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