How AI and 5G Will Usher in a New Tech Era

You have heard about smartphones using artificial intelligence to assist users. 5G also seems to up the connectivity game and make advanced technologies like IoT more a reality. But AI and 5G together can whip a storm on their own merit. With the advent of the 5th generation mobile connectivity, you will soon be able to enjoy a network that has low latency, faster speed, broader coverage, and more capabilities. Artificial intelligence, as you know, is machine intelligence. It is designed to duplicate human cognitive abilities to learn, analyze, and course-correct actions when necessary. In this article at IT Business Edge, Aminu Abdullah shares how AI and 5G are set to change your life forever.

AI and 5G Potential Benefits

Various Use Cases

The AI and 5G combination will have several use cases in the near future. You will not fear a connectivity drop in a tunnel because other cars will interact with your vehicle about traffic, road conditions, etc.

AIOps will strengthen telecommunication operations by alerting companies about impending incidents, security glitches, and so on.

Virtual and augmented reality tools need faster connection and reliable data insights. With AI and 5G, your VR headset will have seamless connectivity and more sensitivity to your movements.

Additionally, the combination should also help sift and effectively leverage the vast amount of data various systems will collect every day. For instance, your fridge will automatically call the service company for a service renewal or part replacement.

How Does 5G Increase AI Capabilities?

With the current 4G technology, you get up to 100 Mbps speed. 5G promises 10 Gbps speed and will send data directly to receivers through beamforming. This enables AI systems to transfer and interact with each other 100 times faster. WiFi consumes less power than the cellular network. With 5G connectivity, people will use wireless networks more, resulting in extended battery life.

Per the Cybersecurity Ventures report, cyber incidents will cost companies worldwide $10.5 trillion per year by 2025. Though the cyber risk rate might increase, 5G will also enhance security posture for companies.

AI and 5G Being Complementary

By 2025, reports indicate there will be 30.9 billion IoT devices across the world. With AI and 5G, you will get to utilize the massive data generated from various systems. You will enjoy the speed of 5G as well as the volume transfer. Along with other innovative technologies like blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and robotics, businesses will have better decision-making and operational power.

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