Cloud Smart Strategy: Ways to Ease Digital Disruption

Cloud services have evolved to a great extent in the last couple of years. Companies have started favoring the cloud smart strategy over the cloud-first policy, but there are some issues with it. The cloud smart strategy has been exposed to newer threats due to its intricacies and popularity. Cloud technology has become a crucial tool for transforming digital business operations and easing cultural and organizational shifts.

The cloud-first approach is being replaced by the cloud smart strategy that focuses on cloud adoption and digital transformation goals. Several experts believe that more than 60% of firms will replace their cloud-first policy with the cloud smart strategy. In his article for SiliconANGLE, Henrique Cecci shares the best cloud practices to simplify its implementation and monitoring.

Cloud Smart Strategy Best Practices

Keep Realistic Expectations from Cloud Services

Many organizations have unrealistic expectations from cloud services that hamper their vision from the beginning of the installation. Cecci suggests that business decision-makers should be aware of their organizational conditions and align them with cloud services.

Introduce an Automated Governance Framework

Several companies fear losing control over their cloud operations. To overcome the loss of control, business leaders should think of introducing an automated governance policy. Introduce a cloud center of excellence (CCOE), and it will align the concerns of a CIO with that of the organization. The CCOE should have three core focus areas:


Promote the Loop Selection Process

When businesses shift from their first cloud models to the next, they often compromise speed, agility, and innovation. Digital leaders should promote the loop selection process. Look for service providers that prioritize cloud services and make them faster, easier, valuable, efficient, and repeatable (FEVER) processes.

Encourage Simple Business Operations

You will encounter various cloud service providers that will make things unnecessarily complicated. The cloud smart strategy already has several new features that are challenging to incorporate initially. Make sure your cloud service provider makes it easier to install the cloud infrastructure.

Align to Your Company’s Policies

Cloud services can be of great help to your business. They can ease your digital transformation more efficiently if you know your business needs. Accommodate your business ideas into cloud services, and it will help your company in the longer run.

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