Adobe’s Outlook on Market Selloffs and Metaverse

As a leading provider of tools for creating content for the metaverse, Adobe’s interest is not surprising. It is a reasonable aspiration for the company based on its nearly four-decade-long history. It is a software powerhouse that generates imagery and experiences for web pages and beyond. In this interview with Bloomberg, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen discusses Adobe’s outlook for the future, its plans for the metaverse, and how the company is navigating the current market selloff.

Narayen mentions how digitalization is changing everything from work to play to entertainment. Metaverse currently does not exist; it is just an elusive idea. He believes you should address and utilize this innovation as you did during the dot.com boom to make the most of it. According to Narayen, having a range of offerings is important instead of relying on a single product or service. For instance, the pandemic and Ukraine war took many such businesses off the market due to limited offerings.

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