Get Ready to Experience the New Apple Headset

Apple Inc. officials last week gave the company’s board a glimpse into the upcoming mixed-reality Apple headset. The gadgets are under development, according to sources familiar with the situation. ED Ludlow joins Kirti Gupta in this Bloomberg video to discuss advances in Apple’s latest AR / VR headsets. Apple has reportedly accelerated the development of headset software. It is believed to be known as “Reality OS” or rOS for short. Apple’s next big bet is a headgear, which combines virtual reality and augmented reality features. This is the company’s first major new product category since the 2015 Apple Watch and will push the company into an industry that is still in its infancy. Apple is looking for new ways to grow its gadget business, which accounts for about 80% of annual sales. The headset will be announced later this year or early next year and will be open to the public in 2023. According to Bloomberg, this announcement is for June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but there was a significant delay due to content issues and overheating.

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