Over 76% of Organizations Are at Cyber Risk: Are You Too?

Due to the pandemic, organizations big and small have adopted digital transformation and hybrid work methods. Thus, every industry is vulnerable to ransomware attacks, and every computer file is at risk of becoming encrypted. As of 2022, ransomware attacks have increased alarmingly, involving high-profile attacks since hackers target security vulnerabilities. The impact of ransomware on a firm’s finances, operations, customers, employees, and reputation can be significant. This article at IT Brief by Shannon Williams speaks about the danger of cyber risk to all organizations regardless of their size.

Findings in the Cyber Risk Index (CRI) Report

According to a recent study from Trend Micro’s latest global Cyber Risk Index (CRI) report, more than 76% of businesses anticipate being hacked in 2022. “As remote working and digital infrastructure threats persist, organizations should adopt a platform-based approach to optimise security whilst minimising their security sprawl,” says Jon Clay, Trend Micro’s VP of threat intelligence.

The CRI asked detailed questions about respondents’ attack preparedness and the likelihood of an attack in its semi-annual report.

Digital World at Risk

In this survey, 84 percent said they had been the victim of one or more successful cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, more than a third (35 percent) indicated that they had been the victim of seven or more.

Ransomware, phishing/social engineering, and denial of service (DoS) are top global threats. Additionally, cloud computing, mobile/remote staff, and third-party apps are the greatest concerns for IT infrastructure. US organizations score cloud computing as 9.87 out of 10 when it comes to risk. This displays a significant problem for all businesses globally to protect their digital assets.

This survey provides excellent insights into today’s ever-changing landscape. It enables organizations to improve their security posture and helps them craft a robust strategic plan.

The author also mentions a few statements in the CRI report that reveals high levels of cyber risks.

To read the original article, click on https://itbrief.com.au/story/over-3-4-of-organisations-think-they-ll-be-breached-in-2022

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