PMO Role: 5 Responsibilities You Must Keep in Mind

A PMO role consists of several duties and services. You can easily confuse it with a project manager position. However, both these positions have distinct functions to play in an organization. Whether you are new to the PMO role or are already in the field, you must get the basics right to do your job well. In this article at PMO Learning, discover the definition of a PMO role and the duties you must exclusively perform for this position.

Length and Breadth of a PMO Role

Distinguish the Roles

A PMO role can have several different shades to it. Furthermore, it might have various names depending upon the personnel’s responsibilities. You can be a project coordinator, project support officer, PMO administrator, or data analyst. The PMO professional must be able to provide a positive working atmosphere for the team, no matter the role the individual holds.

Enhance Your Resume

If you are applying for a PMO role, you must know the exact job description. That will help you figure out the hard and soft skills your potential employer requires of you. The position also needs some exclusive traits. Having these can enhance your chance to grab the recruiting spotlight.

Gather Knowledge of the PMO Role

Are you unsure of the responsibilities you must undertake in a PMO role? The good thing is that you can easily get a brief or a detailed description from online communities and forums. You can also get books explaining the intricacies of the job. Furthermore, you can seek help from mentors that have already reached a stable career pinnacle as PMOs.

Use the 70-20-10 Rule

Seventy percent of the PMO’s role knowledge you must acquire by self-development. Put the knowledge you have gathered to practical use. The next 20 percent you should observe from others. Enroll in formal courses to get the last 10 percent.

Get Help

You can always join an online community to learn the newest trends. You can learn these things by networking and participating in open discussion forums.

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