Aligning IT with Business Strategy: Is it Elusive?

Information technology (IT) continues to challenge companies to organize their business processes, communicate with stakeholders and customers, and offer services. Though there is no single re-organization strategy, many organizations are shifting towards decentralizing IT and prioritizing the integration of IT operations and business objectives. According to studies, aligning IT with business strategy helps organizations increase sales and revenue by 20%, reduce costs by 10%, and increase profits by 15%. In this article at Management Study Guide, Prachi Juneja explains the importance of IT and business alignment.

Benefits of Aligning IT With Business Strategy

Aligning IT with business strategy offers a multitude of potential benefits. It includes:

Better end-user experienceMore clarity into the actual cause of incidentsImproved collaboration between departmentsBetter use of IT resources and timeBetter planning to improve and develop the highest impacting areas of the businessReduced time-to-market

Bringing business teams and IT professionals into better alignment can be challenging. Change is difficult to manage when employees and stakeholders are attached to their typical workflow and business patterns. Reorganizing how different teams interact with one another may feel like additional and unnecessary work for the staff.

Is Aligning IT With Business Strategy Attainable?

IT leaders must identify and overcome potential resistance or obstacles when aligning IT efforts with business objectives. Furthermore, they must demonstrate the IT-business alignment’s value and promote organizational change. Here are some steps that tech leaders must follow to build close alignment between IT and business:

Build a Strong Foundation for Business Relationships

As an IT leader, discuss crucial IT initiatives with C-suite executives. You must maintain a close interpersonal relationship with business leaders because it helps you check IT initiatives against the organizational growth plans.

Ask Valuable Questions

When meeting the business leaders, ask them about their jobs, including their opinion on market trends and the business challenges they face. This helps you evaluate where you can implement technology solutions to address those challenges.

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