Is Your Resource Planning in Sync With Business Continuity?

The ever-evolving business landscape has become more digitized. Today, companies have started focusing on innovative technologies that help them enhance processes and transactions. Furthermore, organizations are looking for a system that will handle massive workloads. It is here enterprise resource planning (ERP) plays a vital role. Aligning ERP with a business continuity plan prepares your organization for inevitable disasters and downturns. In this article at CIO Insight, Lauren Hansen shares some tips for developing an ERP business continuity plan to make challenging business transformation smooth and successful.

How Resource Planning Enables Business Continuity

Resource planning covers many core functions across the enterprise, such as expanding the business, improving operations, and reducing costs. Additionally, it modernizes legacy systems and empowers organizations to adapt to customer needs and enhance the customer experience. “ERP improves business continuity by helping organizations leverage their company-wide data to prepare for unforeseen disasters and downturns,” says Hansen.

Ways to Implement Resource Planning Systems

Here are some tips to consider to maximize the synergy between resource planning and business continuity.

Overhaul Your Implementation Process

Consider ERP deployment or migration as a critical part of your digital transformation efforts. Experts believe that organizations must consider design thinking or journey mapping to explore new opportunities for improving business processes.

Speed Up Data Collection Capabilities

Speeding up data collection capabilities is crucial as many organizations today struggle with supply chain issues. The robust source of information offers real-time insight into end-to-end systems that accommodates multiple functions such as billing, manufacturing, inventory management, support, and customer service.

Consider User Experience

While implementing ERP systems, you must consider the software functionality and how easy it is for customers to learn and operate the new systems.

In addition, the author suggests organizations must look for an ERP with predictive analytics to drive business intelligence and make data-driven decisions involved in business continuity.

To read the original article, click on https://www.cioinsight.com/it-strategy/erp-business-continuity-plan/.

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