How Failure Is a Door Closer to Success

Entrepreneur Sara Blakely narrated how her father would insist that she and her brother should fail at least one thing every day. She realizes how that helped her understand how failure is a door closer to success. For her, failure became not about the result but not trying new things. Interestingly, you will not succeed until you fail at least once. The only way to learn and get better at doing something is through trying. The failed attempts are just a sign that you have turned the wrong corner and must course-correct before it is too late. When you embrace failure and try to achieve what you have set out to, you build a ‘no matter what’ attitude.

Do you remember the enthusiasm you had for first that bike ride? That energy wanes as you age, and you hide behind excuses. Instead of feeling disheartened, get up and retrace the path where you deviated from achieving your goals. Watch this Team Fearless video to learn the strategy.

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