These Hybrid Headphones Can Save You from Pollution

Are you worried about pollution and viral diseases entering your airways? Air purifiers are trying to take care of that too. What if you had hybrid headphones that could address air pollution while blocking out most of the street’s noise level? In this Innovative Techs video, find out the features Dyson Zone has to offer. The company researched for six long years and came up with nearly 500 working models. One of these prototypes has a mouthpiece and a backpack that carries the air-filtering gadget. Later on, the whole unit was reduced to a compressor and a filter on each ear of the headphones. Additionally, the air tube transformed into a non-contact visor that will pass the purified air to your mouth and nose without touching your face. You can pull the visor down to drink water or talk at any time. They have not tested the headphones in the real world for noise cancellation yet. However, isn’t it interesting?

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