DX Strategy: Can Interim CIOs Lead Tech Evolution?

Chief information officers (CIOs) play a significant role in shaping the digital processes and operations of their organization. They lead the implementation process of innovative technological models and make sure their firm is digitally equipped and informed. To push the DX strategy further, companies have begun to appoint interim CIOs. Experts have stated that interim CIOs play an essential role in modernizing technology in different business divisions. Can interim CIOs play the role of effective change agents per the current DX strategy? In his article for InformationWeek, Nathan Eddy talks about the role of interim CIOs and their future in the digital sphere.

The Need for Interim CIOs to Improve DX Strategy

Dennis Baden, a global managing partner of the technology officers practice at Hendrick and Struggles’, shares that it takes about six months to fill a CIO position. Companies generally do not have internal candidates to fill in as interim CIO. However, it is crucial for businesses to encourage their leadership candidates to familiarize themselves with modern technological advancements. It will reduce your firm’s talent shortage and develop a relationship of trust with your workforce.

How Interim CIOs Shape a Business

Interim CIOs are usually brought in at the later stage of a project. They come on board when the firm has to meet a deadline, has been stuck at some point, or has no leader to manage the operations. They help businesses reach a specific deadline or achieve certain results effectively. No business in today’s world can afford digital loose-ends. Interim CIOs can modify DX strategy per a company’s requirements. They are aware of the market needs, changes, and the company’s resource allocation. Hiring interim CIOs brings in a fine balance of ambition and practicality that pushes the digital aspect of the business forward.

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