Innovative Tech: Is AI Leading the Digital Disruption?

Most companies have begun to use innovative technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). They are helping businesses automate their operations and connect with clients effectively. Besides, innovative tech also plays an instrumental role in improving the quality of products and services. Artificial intelligence is at the center of innovative tech, and you can expect various new features of AI in the future. In one of their recent articles, The CEO Views shares how AI is leading innovative tech.

Understanding the Role of AI in Innovative Tech

How AI Is Shaping Businesses

Here is a list of stats that reflects the importance of AI in the modern business scenario:

80% of the companies accept that artificial intelligence has improved their efficacy.61% of the businesses stated that AI is one of the main pillars of their digital strategy.83% of business owners that have incorporated AI in their operations have experienced considerable economic benefits.Several corporations have mentioned that AI allows the workforce to be more creative.

Can Innovative Tech Improve Your Business Revenue?

Most companies have accepted that AI improves their business’s overall productivity and generates better monetary benefits. According to a survey, 98% of the companies that incorporate AI in their business models have witnessed an increase of 15% in revenue.

What Gives AI an Upper Edge Over Other Innovation Tech?

Here is a list of factors that makes AI the first choice of business globally:

Overall customer viewReal-time and informative analyticsOperational productivity and fast processesBetter risk management assistance and consumer interaction

Innovative tech plays a crucial role in analyzing the market and developing innovative methods to upscale productivity and product quality. AI is at the forefront of digital disruption. It is better to familiarize your workforce with AI operations and benefits and how to incorporate it into your business strategies.

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