Internal Leadership: Sectors Leading Digital Disruption

Technology has changed the way business was done even a few years ago. Digital disruption has made it possible for companies to enhance internal leadership within the business. It has also enabled companies to deliver products across cultures and geographical spaces. Several industries have become increasingly popular in how they have incorporated digital technology and boosted internal leadership. In his article for Information Age, Aaron Hurst shares a list of business sectors that are encouraging internal leadership and digital transformation.

Business Sectors Promoting Internal Leadership and Digitization

The pandemic had been one of the main reasons for all industries to familiarize digital methods for business expansion. Companies have become better prepared to handle risks and ideate innovative methods with the help of AI, cloud computing, and data science.

EdTech: Prime Example of Internal Leadership

Education technology is using digitization to connect teachers and students across the globe at any time of the day. The industry was valued at $ 254.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $605.40 by 2027.


Financial technology had come into existence with the inception of credit and debit card usage. The fintech digital disruption has come a long way, and it seems to have a promising future ahead.


Insurtech developed around 2010, and it has enabled companies to analyze customer data quickly and efficiently. It consequently improves customer service and allows firms to come up with better insurance plans. The global market of insurtech is valued at $2.72 billion.


Property technology has made the market more inclusive. The properties are rented, bought, and sold online to an expansive market. There are several mobile applications and websites that buyers and sellers can access. Proptech saves a considerable amount of time and opens up the market to a broader customer base.

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