To Err Is Inevitable – How to Fix Those Process Errors

Making errors is an unavoidable part of being human, but certain occurrences are beyond human control. Regardless of your experience, you may make mistakes or be in situations beyond your control and face the consequences. This should not reflect on you or your company’s competence. Meanwhile, you should use those process errors, failures, and mistakes to build a more robust learning process.  If you foster a secure work environment for employees, you will reduce the possibility of issue avoidance and speed up problem-solving and innovation. All these factors will contribute to the success of the firm. This article at Rebel’s Guide to Project Management by Elizabeth Harrin speaks about steps you can take when failure is not an option.

Process Errors Cannot Be an Excuse Anymore

Gone are the days when a 99% up and running rate was considered good enough for business execution. For instance, a four-hour power outage suffered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) made headlines across the globe. The company’s up time for the rest of the year was not enough to save its stock price from plummeting. This is not an incident limited to Amazon, but there are several such incidents where customer expectations are skyrocketing.

The ‘zero tolerance for errors’ that dictated only a few industries like automobile, banking, and healthcare has now quickly snowballed, making its way into all market sectors. In short, your business must be perfect for holding dominion. Today, companies must commit 99.99% to 100% delivery to survive market competition.

Three Steps to Fix Process Errors

Transform your team’s understanding of perfection. Define the new standard and communicate its importance and repercussions if the team cannot scale to the required benchmark.

Whenever you make a mistake in execution, the error must be immediately brought to notice. Then analyze the root cause and determine the best solution to fix the issue.

Creating an organic and involved growth culture that iterates and improves gradually over time is essential in fostering a team that consistently meets levels of perfect execution.

To read the original article, click on https://rebelsguidetopm.com/the-3-steps-to-take-when-failure-is-not-an-option-getting-to-impeccable-business-execution/

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