Prevent Zero-Day Attacks With These Steps

Developers term the hours they block to fix vulnerabilities as ‘zero days’. When threat actors launch attacks during this security downtime, they are called zero-day attacks. Surprisingly, organizations worldwide reported 66 zero-day attacks in 2021. These cyber breaches cause revenue loss, reduced brand reputation, and dwindling customer faith. Be it a single individual or a large group behind the attack, the objective is about defaming your organization. How do you ensure this does not happen to you? In this article at CIO Insight, Ryan Purvis shares preventive steps you must embrace to stop further zero-day breaches.

Steps to Avoid Zero-Day Attacks

Cybercrooks inject malware or ransomware during zero-day incidents. If you do not detect them on time, they can steal login credentials and extract sensitive and proprietary information. One of the recent zero-day attacks is the Log4j breach. Apache Log4j is a logging library that hundreds of Java-specific applications leverage. The threat actors used its vulnerability to infiltrate several enterprises. Following are the steps you should take to save your organization from facing zero-day attacks:

Not Waiting for Alerts

Cybercriminals do not attack immediately. They sell the vulnerabilities to other threat actors or launch zero-day attacks in collaboration with them. Low Equifax security defense exposed 147 million customer names and birth dates, 145.5 million social security numbers, and 209,000 credit card numbers to hackers. To avoid the repetition of the same issues, the FTC now holds organizations with low-security protocols responsible. So, do not wait. Be proactive in gathering data and taking actionable steps when you suspect zero-day attacks.

Detailed Reporting

When zero-day breaches are underway, you only learn the filenames that took the hit. But your IT teams need more than just that. Create a cybersecurity model that will enable the cybersecurity committee to quickly gather as much specific data as possible. Time is of the essence when you are under threat or attack.

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