Project Compliance: Ensure Your Project Success

Project compliance is non-negotiable when you want to ensure project completion as well as success. There are several ways to achieve this, but you must understand what exactly is a compliance environment. Sure, PMBOK provides variations of it, but you might feel confused about what to follow. In this article at Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton explains in detail how project compliance can enable successful project completion. Let’s jump right into it.

Project Compliance: Factors, Needs, Brief, and Setup

What Makes Project Compliance?

Several things come under compliance. Quality of project elements, security, project health, data privacy, resource bandwidth, time estimates, environmental footprints, functionality, processes, and performance are some of the criteria.

When you talk about compliance for projects, it usually means local, international, internal, or industry-specific rules and regulations and standards.

The compliance standards can also depend on the market or levels of product or service audience you are catering to. For instance, premium products need better compliance levels than budget ones.

Furthermore, you must be aware of the challenges you may face. For instance, human resource or technical errors, products not updated to newer requirements, and so on.

Why Is It So Important?

Project-specific compliance saves your organization from losing face in the market. It keeps you from experiencing unnecessary penalties and helps you break even early by earning better revenue. Failure to meet those compliance standards can cause lost sales, banned products, and environmental blacklisting.

Is There a Compliance Process?

The compliance procedures are simple enough for any organization to follow:

Plan your compliance strategy well.Execute the steps.Check and measure if things are working as you expected.Act on things that will further enable you to succeed.

What About the Compliance Setup?

You must have management plans for quality, risk, and configuration. You must also establish a framework to monitor, measure, and control the project compliance architecture. Internal and external processes may vary and are company-specific.

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