Are You Fretting About How to Manage Millennials?

There is no doubt that millennials are a crucial part of the workforce today. These driven, open-minded people prioritize work-life balance and openness over money and status. Finding millennial talent requires skill and dexterity. However, it takes a lot of effort to retain them. Millennials tend to leave their jobs for better ones, causing organizations to lose huge sums of money. This begs the question – “How to manage millennials?” This article by Todd Kane at The Digital Project Manager speaks about the challenges of handling millennials and the solutions.

How to Manage Millennials

Millennials are hugely misjudged and stereotyped for impatience, entitlement, arrogance, and self-centeredness. Generational differences are inevitable, but millennials are a generation that naturally wants to make a difference and impact the world. Your ‘problems’ can become your strengths if you refocus this drive toward purpose and success.

A person’s ethnic background strongly influences how they get along with others. While diversity is essential in understanding the motivation of various people, it should not affect managing others’ productivity and performance.

Structure a Model to Manage Millennials

Management today needs significant restructuring and rethinking. This will help businesses serve millennials better and provide a sense of purpose and job satisfaction to all team members.

Happy team members go beyond the necessary and readily take initiative. Therefore, managers must respect and recognize their team’s effort and contribution while respecting them regardless of age and demographics. Additionally, remodeling your management style to suit the Baby Boomers, Millennials, X-ers, and Z-gens is a sustainable management model.

Metrics can effectively gauge work when appropriately utilized as a collaborative tool between workers and management. It allows management to get more objective insight into what the individual produces. Metrics also provide the employee with something particular to aim for and accomplish.

Furthermore, the author speaks about influencing behavior, appreciating people when they do things right, managing individuals, and expectations.

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