How to Make Informed Decisions as a Leader

Everyone makes decisions every day. It could be as simple as choosing an outfit or as complex as buying a property or business. While these decisions shape your lives and business, spending too much time on every decision is a futile effort. Therefore, leaders must bifurcate important decisions and delegate low-priority and low-impact decisions to their team members. This will allow you enough time to make high-priority and high-value decisions strategically. Furthermore, this approach will strengthen your posture as a leader. You will be able to lead with clear direction, conviction, and informed decisions while empowering your team. This article at MIT Sloan by Nancy Duarte discusses how influential leaders can make more decisions in less time.

Making Informed Decisions Is an Art

Complex decision-making processes are a massive waste of time. Per the 2018 McKinsey poll, people spend an average of 37% of their time making decisions ineffectively. Delegating decisions and work is not always easy, but leaders alone do not need to make all the decisions. The author explains how they co-created and used a new model to identify decisions, categorize them based on priority, and list them in each quadrant. The quadrants were named “Decide without me”, “Inform on progress”, “Propose for approval”, and “Escalate immediately.” This exercise helped them to identify tasks that are potentially high-value and high-priority activities. Allowing leaders and team members to understand what course of action they must take for that decision.

Benefits of Delegating Low-Impact Decisions

Leaders from every organization of any size can customize, build, and leverage this model. Instead of all decisions getting bottlenecked for leadership approval, this process is optimal to accomplish maximum results without unnecessary delay. This approach also puts leaders at ease knowing they are part of all critical decisions and aware of all low-priority decisions.

To read the original article, click on https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/effective-leaders-decide-about-deciding/

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