What Good Leaders Do to Become One?

Many people wonder what good leaders do to become good leaders. Effective leadership requires more than just sitting in a corner office and delegating work. Good leaders have a significant influence on not just their direct reports but also on their whole organization. Employees that work under outstanding leaders are often happier, more productive, and more loyal to their company. This positively impacts the bottom line. Successful leaders must be aware of their motivations, strengths, and shortcomings. Moira Alexander at PMWorld 360 speaks about the practices great leaders adapt to be effective and efficient.

What Good Leaders Do

There are many litmus tests to measure a great leader, but you can best assess them based on those around them. The team’s growth, honing leadership qualities in team members, motivation, etc., are all signs of great leadership. It is only when project leaders constantly and consciously improve their projects that great change can occur. Here are some practices that good leaders focus on:

Identifying and addressing process improvements regularlyStrengthening best practices regularlyStaying open to issues with sponsors and stakeholdersDealing directly with conflictsShifting focus to customers or stakeholders as neededSharing your project experiences and lessons learned with all stakeholdersStanding up for ethics, justice, and doing what is right

Tips to Become a Great Leader

Leaders should go beyond personal beliefs, ideologies, biases, and experiences when making decisions. Furthermore, it is integral for them to foster trust and establish honest communication with all stakeholders and be persuasive in their conversations. Managers must exhibit these qualities to be effective and successful:

Humility – draws others to themRespect – fosters moraleTrust – helps others remain honestUnbiased – sound decision making

The author also recommends recognizing and appreciating your team members’ efforts, engaging in conversations, and identifying and remediating weaknesses. Foster a culture that allows discussion of mistakes and uses them for learning. Regularly track priorities and tasks. She emphasizes that it is essential to connect with team members and stakeholders consistently. Also, take time off and encourage your team members to do the same.

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