Can Tech Integration Transform the Way Business Is Done?

Organizations that excel at digital transformation focus on coherent operations between different business divisions. They incorporate agile and real-time integration between varying business departments, allowing them to focus on their product. However, many companies are still struggling to introduce real-time integration into their organization. One of the main reasons business owners think they are unable to introduce real-time integration is due to their mainframe core business system. In his article for InfoWorld, Nikita Ivanov talks about the importance of tech integration and how it can change the mainframe business operations.

Understanding Tech Integration in the Context of Mainframes

The Significance of Mainframes

Mainframe systems play a crucial role in the overall development of data infrastructure for big companies. According to Ivanov, two-thirds of the Fortune 500 and 44 of the top 50 banks of the world rely on mainframes to execute real-time transactional operations. Mainframes can significantly help you accumulate data and use it holistically to generate a pattern for better data predictability.

How Tech Integration Improves Mainframes

Tech integration enables mainframe systems to derive data from various transactional and batch-processing systems that minimally affect database performance. Additionally, tech integration can combine data from external resources and help mainframes make more informed decisions. One of the most effective ways to install a cost-friendly tech integration model is by installing an in-memory data grid.

Benefits of Tech integration

Here is a list of digital integration benefits:

A continuous flow of informationSecure and designed to facilitate governance capabilitiesCost-effectiveHigh performance via memory-to-memory techniquesMeticulous disaster recoveryEasily accessible for users

Future of Digital Integration

Digital integration can help businesses decouple their data contexts and bring more flexibility to their data operations. An effective digital integration hub can also be used for several consuming applications simultaneously. There is no need to fill in the information repeatedly in the digital integration hub because it provides “implement once and reuse” benefits.

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