Virtual Communication Tips to Improve Team Collaboration

Many digital project managers and team leaders struggle to communicate their ideas effectively to their teams. It also becomes challenging to find a balance between the technicalities and the content you want to deliver. Furthermore, remote and hybrid working models have made it difficult to convey your thoughts in the virtual communication space. It affects the quality of work, team collaboration, and overall productivity. When a team communicates efficiently, it allows time to address more topics and issues. In her article for the Training Industry, Cindy Huggett shares several virtual communication elements that you should improve.

Virtual Communication Tips You Should Incorporate

Focus on Audio Quality

Many communication issues arise from jarring audio connections, leading to confusion and incoherence in team meetings. Most meeting platforms provide you the option to test the audio before joining a meeting. You should not have a meeting over the speaker phone because it can pick up any background noise. Remember to connect your earphones before joining a virtual call.

Encourage Video Communication

Video streaming makes your meetings more professional, transparent, and comprehensive. However, some people become self-conscious regarding their appearance and background, to name a few. Wear solid-color apparel, look your best, and sit in front of a plain wall. Try focusing more on the audience instead of on yourself.

Involve Your Audience in Virtual Communication

If you are leading a meeting, make sure you have a list of tasks prepared beforehand that you need to discuss. Huggett recommends making your teammates comfortable and asking them if they are facing any job challenges they could use help with. Talk about your task list and involve your teammates. Encourage them to respond freely.

Use Visual Help

Make sure you use various visual aids available on the meeting platforms, such as the share screen option, presentation slides, etc. It is better to use visuals to enhance virtual communication when conveying your ideas.

Prepare Beforehand

You have to be consistent when it comes to making regular task lists. Be aware of the latest advancements in the virtual communication space and think of ways to incorporate them.

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