How to Decide If a Job Opportunity is a Good Fit

Have you landed a job offer? Congratulations! In all the excitement of bagging a job opportunity, you might forget to ask yourself if the position is a good fit for you. The job, of course, is crucial, but it is a good idea to review more than the paycheck and the job responsibilities. In this video at Forbes, Jack Kelly explains how to decide if a job is right for you. Prioritize the meaning, purpose, and value of the job. Even the highest paying or most prestigious job can get old quickly if you do not enjoy the work. Kelly also advises you to seek challenging work. “Feeling challenged at the office or remote working is essential to learning and growing,” explains the speaker. Another vital question to yourself ask before accepting a job opportunity is, “Is the work environment inclusive?” A company’s website and social media presence may hint at the work culture. Finally, however impressive the role is, consider if the job offers work-life balance.

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