Are You Struggling to Manage Conflict at Work?

Conflicts in the workplace are unavoidable. Going through a career without encountering any interpersonal issues is nearly impossible. While disputes within teams can have good or bad consequences, mismanaged conflicts always have a negative impact. Most individuals can learn to manage conflict at work with the correct support network. Regrettably, many people still cannot cope with interpersonal disagreements amicably. A leader that avoids, mishandles, or stokes conflict is unlikely to build trust or maintain confidence. This article by Diana Opong, Janet W. Lee, and Connie Hanzhang Jin at NPR speaks about the best ways to manage workplace conflict.

Managing Conflict at Work Can Be Formidable

Per Tiffanny Jana, CEO of TMI Consulting, it is beneficial to address and clarify misunderstandings and conflicts in real-time. This will save you from resentment and anger. It is easier for people to explain themselves in the moment instead of wasting days, weeks, or even months pondering over a situation. You must practice being factual, concise, and kind when communicating your thoughts to others. She also recommends documenting such incidents over time in order to showcase your point effectively.

Managing Conflicts

There might be incidents that may not be outright offensive but bother you constantly. In such cases, Los Angeles-based therapist Camille Tenerife recommends you introspect the situation. Check whether you are troubled by this event repeatedly and feel confident to address the issue. Avoiding it may build frustration, affecting your work, attitude, and productivity.

Abdul Omar, from the State of Hawaii’s ombudsman office, suggests a shift in perspective. Instead of seeing a person as a problem, you must shift your outlook to see the problem subjectively. The core reason for conflict is different perspectives. Once you have accepted this, you will be able to work through the problem smoothly and objectively.

It can be very uncomfortable to start a conversation with the person you are at odds with. For this, you can try to have a mutual friend, HR, or a mediator that can ease the situation and help strategize a positive outcome.

To read the original article, click on https://www.npr.org/2022/04/07/1091455113/how-to-handle-conflict-at-work

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