Experience Advanced Gaming Like Never Before

There is no denying that the next decade will be like living through a “digital gold rush.” Today, people are generating serious revenue by monetizing their online communities. During the pandemic, gaming exploded, spawning an entire creator economy. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and metaverse are the most popular in the world of gaming and cloud gaming. Unlike before, the players do not need to upgrade to new consoles for advanced gaming. Many big players in the video game business are now providing cloud-based subscription services, including Sony, Google, Nvidia, Tencent, and Amazon. Therefore, gaming equipment like consoles, high graphic gaming laptops, and lightweight streaming devices are quickly becoming obsolete.

The cloud takes care of all the details, and the output is screened on your device. With the 5G rollout, you can enjoy advanced gaming on mobile devices as well without any lag. Virtual reality games such as Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Doom are gaining traction at lightning speed. Bernard Marr speaks further about the other emerging trends in the gaming world in his vlog.

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