Are You Equipped to Lead the Digital Innovation Strategy?

Innovation is no longer a buzzword but a key factor to staying relevant in the era of digital disruption. Business leaders have no choice but to accelerate the pace of organizational change and create long-term value for their stakeholders. This Phil McKinney blog article discusses how the chief executive officers (CEOs) must lead innovation strategy and sustainably adopt new ways of working.

The CEO’s Role in an Innovation Strategy

Often, IT teams face trouble matching their priorities with the business goals. Many chief information officers (CIOs) fail to demonstrate how businesses can best use technology in strategic decisions. It is here CEOs play a crucial role in aligning business and technology teams, closing the gaps, generating sustainable growth, and making targeted IT investments.

How Can CEOs Lead the Innovation Strategy?

Adopt a Culture of Innovation

Establishing a culture of innovation starts during the hiring process. As a business leader, hire curious, entrepreneurial employees that love continuous learning. Furthermore, empower your staff to innovate and reach their professional goals.

Enable Open Communication

“Create convenient, safe ways for employees to voice concerns and raise valid objections to workplace issues,” says the author. Additionally, be receptive to feedback and input from your staff. When your workers feel you are on their side, they will feel free to communicate creative ideas and participate in the company’s growth.

Redefine Metrics

CEOs often kill their innovation strategy before it can take off because they fail to redefine metrics to evaluate the activities. To avoid such failures, create the right metrics for your employees to demonstrate that you are serious about driving innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

Offer Constructive Feedback

Instead of pressuring your managers to get things done faster, consider what you can do to help them. Identify if they are facing any obstacles and help your team alleviate them. As you advance through your innovation strategy, you must view every decision and technology implementation through the human lens.

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