Ask the Right Questions to Make Better Business Decisions

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Every business decision you make will have its consequences. Often, business leaders can get caught up in the details making it nearly impossible to make a timely decision. Therefore, leaders should think through a potential decision before committing to it. Thankfully, asking good questions is the best way to obtain accurate answers for effective decision-making. But How do you ask the right questions? In this article at PMTimes, George Pitagorsky explains why asking the right questions is critical to effective leadership.

Ask the Right Questions Before Making Strategic Decisions

Here are some questions that you must ask yourself before making any significant business decisions:

What problems do we have to solve? Are there significant consequences if we ignore them? Why are we making this decision?What are the risks involved in making this decision? What is the worst-case scenario?Will this decision change our business’s journey?Can the decision-making process be made shorter and simpler? What are the key milestones for the decision?Who is involved in the decision-making process?Who is accountable for the implementation? What is the process for communicating progress? What factors must trigger a stop?Are there case studies of other companies that have made similar decisions? What are the results — success or failure?Is there more information that we are overlooking? Are there hidden flaws?Who are the stakeholders? What are their roles and responsibilities?

Importance of Asking the Great Questions

Several studies have indicated that the ability to ask the right questions is a sign of intelligence and one of the characteristics of highly successful leaders. Additionally, experts believe that questioning generates new ideas and encourages business owners to grow beyond the typical thinking patterns.

So, the next time you must make a significant business decision, ask yourself and the team the right questions to overcome decision paralysis.

To read the original article, click on https://www.projecttimes.com/articles/get-the-right-answers-to-make-the-right-decisions/.

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