Do You Possess These Crucial Qualities of a Good Mentor?

 If you have excelled in your career, you may have received help when you were just starting out. Take a minute to think about the best mentor you ever had. It could have been a professor, a senior at college, a colleague, or a former manager. The best mentorship is based on trust, shared values, mutual respect, and good communication. So, how can you make the most out of being a mentor for someone else? In this article at PMWorld 360, Sylvie Edwards explains the qualities of a good mentor.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Mentor?

Asking About Career Goals

Good mentors prioritize their mentee’s needs by asking about their career goals. Furthermore, they support their trainees’ growth and evolution by understanding what they want to improve on, who they would like to connect with, and how they would like to receive feedback.

Adapting Is One of the Best Qualities of a Good Mentor

Good mentors adapt their mentoring style to fit the protégé’s needs. As a mentor, you must help them get out of their comfort zone and encourage them to try new things. If they are good at their approach to work, try a more hands-off approach and demonstrate that you trust their decisions.

Being Available

If you want to imbibe the qualities of a good mentor, you must invest in your mentee. Be available when needed and prioritize the relationship. Provide adequate attention to their growth by guiding them through phone calls, meetings, or emails.

Setting Clear Expectations

Outlining boundaries clearly is one of the best qualities of a good mentor. Let your protégé know if you intend the mentorship to be strictly professional. In addition, allow your mentees to set their expectations for your relationship and create boundaries as required.

Letting Mentees Make Decisions

Though you are more knowledgeable and experienced than your trainees, never deprive them of thinking through challenges to derive solutions. Allow them to learn by trial and error methods.

Benefits of Being a Good Mentor

Mentorship can influence your salary and your ability to climb your career ladder. Furthermore, many mentors believe that personal fulfillment comes from the ability to give back and watch mentees grow professionally.

To read more about the qualities of a good mentor, click on https://www.pmworld360.com/how-to-be-a-good-mentor/.

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