Can the Cloud Center of Excellence Accelerate Your Business?

If you are still debating whether to migrate to the cloud, you are already behind the curve for most businesses. Almost all business workloads are now in the cloud, making it one of the top technologies influencing how you work and play. It helps companies to reduce their IT overhead and improve productivity and security. The cloud center also enables small businesses to access leading-edge technologies at a significantly reduced cost. This article in BizTech Magazine by Mike Chapple discusses the importance of cloud computing for business.

Significance of the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Whether companies have migrated to the cloud center or aspiring to do so, the focus is on continuously iterating and evolving to harness robust capabilities. This effort was fast-forwarded due to the pandemic because companies had to invent a way to do business as usual under unusual circumstances. Per Flexera’s 2021 State of the Cloud survey, 90 percent of companies have shifted to the cloud faster than anticipated due to the pandemic. The acceleration of cloud computing skills, technologies, and governance procedures has increased the pressure on IT teams to ensure they have the skills, technologies, and processes to leverage the cloud effectively.

Purpose of the Cloud Center

The cloud center of excellence (CCoE) also serves as a hub for innovation, conversation, and collaboration. It complements the governance function. The CCoE ensures that IT leaders take a calculated risk while adopting new technologies and minimizing complexities. It emphasizes sharing information and knowledge and continuously upskilling employees.

Limitations of the CCoE

While the CCoE can influence and provide actionable insights for business, it is not an operational unit. It is not ideal to leverage it for project work, managing, or monitoring operations. The CCoE should be used to focus on high-priority strategic cloud advancements while ensuring architectural stability. You may leverage the CCoE as advisors for technical projects to chalk an optimal roadmap.

Ideal Candidate for the CCoE

The CCoE’s members are architects. So, businesses should ensure it has people with the experience and talent needed to manage enterprise-level architectural projects. They are ambassadors for their peers in each major technical discipline and organizational unit.

To read the original article, click on https://biztechmagazine.com/article/2022/02/does-your-business-need-cloud-center-excellence

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