Disruptive Communication – A Golden Ticket for Digital Transformation

From the internet of things (IoT), connected homes and cars, to the mobile-first businesses, many industries are undergoing digital transformation and becoming more robust and valuable. A growing number of legacy companies are transforming, thanks to technological advancement and the continuing ubiquity of smartphones. Disruption is a common phenomenon. The internet boom, smartphones, and carpooling are great examples of disruption and transformation in the recent past. This article at USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism discusses disruptive communication in today’s digital world.

Impact of Disruptive Communication

Despite negative implications, disruptive communication has altered the workplace and everyday life for the better. Companies must pay attention to customers and ensure that their employees are on board to achieve their company goals if they wish to succeed in disruptive communication.

Social media, big data, smartphones, and predictive analytics have significantly advanced over previous generations’ IT-based technologies. Cutting-edge technologies like robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are transforming the world in the most unanticipated ways.

Why Disruptive Communication Is Important

Communication is at the nucleus of disruption. It is integral that companies understand consumer expectations and craft ways to achieve them. Change may seem unnecessary when the existing procedure can deliver results, but adapting to change is crucial to remain sustainable. Making decisions for disruption is not easy since leaders cannot envision its success or failure until implementation. There is little to no proof of concept that can be used to anticipate outcomes before implementation and investment. Meanwhile, leveraging social media, AI, and chatbots is a popular way to evolve for better business and iterate on the run based on feedback.

The author also speaks about how the industry is ready for disruption, communication, co-innovation, and improving communication, growth, innovation, and accountability.

To read the original article, click on https://communicationmgmt.usc.edu/blog/co-innovation-disruption-communication-digital-world/

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