Cybersecurity Reporting: How Leaders Should Communicate

Digital disruption has directly increased the frequency, variance, and impact of cyberattacks. It has become one of the major concerns for modern businesses. Data breaches, cloud vulnerability, and identity theft have compelled organizations to take cybersecurity reporting seriously. Cybersecurity reporting is also essential for the overall security of the business on varying fronts. It familiarizes business professionals with the ongoing technological changes and how they can prepare themselves for technical challenges. In her article for BizTech, Tanya Candia shares several insightful tips that can help you improve the quality of cybersecurity reporting.

Enhance the Quality of Your Cybersecurity Reporting

Here is a list of key areas that CISOs should explore when approaching metrics-based reporting:

Sales and operations sectorRegulatory consequences of security failureCustomer losses after security failureRisk mitigation enhancementIncident management processes

Tips to Incorporate Company Goals During Reporting

Candia mentions that companies should align cybersecurity reporting metrics with their business goals. Doing so helps the business to oversee potential cyber threats and prepare themselves for the future. For this to take place efficiently, CISOs must work closely with the senior management and familiarize them with the organizational operations, strategies, equipment, data, and assets.

Furthermore, company officials should discuss their cybersecurity strategies to come up with effective plans for mitigating risks. Transparent discussions among the groups also prepare teams for challenging situations. Furthermore, they also give teams a better idea of the resources they have at their disposal.

You should devise a plan that aligns your business goals with reporting operations to generate more profit. You can conduct research and find out the threats your company’s cybersecurity system is more prone to. It will help you detect loopholes in the system. The CISO can look into the matter and resolve it before it leads to an adverse situation.

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