Tips to Improve Digital Transformation Projects

Digital disruption has transformed industrial processes significantly. Many people think that digital transformation only focuses on technological development. Digital disruption has various components related to process, business, and cultural shifts. So, many companies have begun to measure the growth of their digital transformation projects through key performance indicators. In his article for InformationWeek, Nathan Eddy shares the best practices of digital transformation projects to help you strategize digital investments efficiently and optimize the quality of tech investments in the future. 

Best Practices for Digital Transformation Projects

Centralized Governance for Digital Transformation Projects

Companies that are performing well in the context of digital transformation have introduced a centralized governance and oversight approach. Centralized governance allows firms to develop effective programs to recognize, assess, measure, and report tech investments.

Focus on the Digital Framework

Implementing a digital framework allows companies to follow a hierarchy that results in efficient decision-making and metric analysis. Make sure you involve the authorities of the change management division. They play a crucial role in analyzing digital disruptions across different platforms.

Involve Various Stakeholders

Stakeholders should primarily comprise C-suite officials, key business units, and ongoing support teams. It will help your organization optimize its technological profits. Furthermore, business owners must understand that the sole focus of stakeholders is to increase sales and decrease costs.

Implementing Metrics in Digital Transformation Projects

Methodologies to measure digital investments should focus on business growth percentage. In addition, focus on continually evaluating business goals and utilizing resources to assess digital metrics regularly.

How Digital Transformation Metrics Can Help

The foremost concern of digital projects should be identifying problems that KPIs can solve. When you use KPIs, make sure your measurements are objective, quantifiable, and transparent. Not every digital investment will have an immediate impact. It is better to assess and monitor the digital metrics in the long run.

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