How Inclusive Are Your Organization’s DEI Initiatives?

Studies reveal that in finance, women account for an equal proportion of the entry-level workforce. However, only 20% of executive-level roles are filled by women. And only 6% of CEOs are women. Similar trends are visible for ethnic minorities too. So, what are the key considerations capital investment firms must take to foster diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in their organizations? Promoting DEI initiatives goes beyond mere hiring. Financial firms must offer flexible work policies, meet diverse needs, and conduct analytical studies to identify and handle potential gaps. Furthermore, diversity referral programs and proactive outreach programs enable private equity and venture capital organizations to build strong relationships with communities of diverse founders. In this video at Forbes, Candice Morgan believes that DEI initiatives require a holistic approach across an organizational ecosystem that includes a diverse team and board, investment, and financial commitment. Watch this video to learn more about the DEI efforts in financial firms.

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