Will Invisible Car Lighting Disrupt the Automobile Sector?

Car lights have been one of the automobiles’ most disruptive, distinguished, and attractive features. They provide safety and a sense of identity to the vehicle. However, automotive giant Magna has developed a breakthrough module through which any car’s surface can be turned into a light source. In one of their recent videos, CNET talks about the dramatic development of the automobile sector. Magna has succeeded in incorporating lighting panels on any thermoplastic surface of the car. The emitting light can take the shape of anything, making it quite exciting and different from the existing lighting modules. This development will give a considerable amount of freedom to the light designers, where they will not be restricted to a specific light design. Invisible car lighting will play an integral role in revolutionizing the automobile industry. The future of the automobile sector is changing rapidly. Automated vehicles will soon take over the market. Lighting technology will allow vehicles to communicate information to their owners efficiently.

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