Technology Adoption Curve: How Should You Use It?

Customer expectations have skyrocketed. Consumers expect organizations to anticipate their needs and provide intuitive engagement. Therefore, businesses must offer seamless experiences across all platforms—apps, emails, and texts—to remain competitive. As a business owner, when you understand ‘What do customers expect from our services?’, you can meet or exceed your consumer expectations. In this article at Entrepreneur, Ayoub Abielmona explains the significance of being customer-centric in the technology adoption curve.

Technology Adoption Curve Requires a Pragmatic Approach

“… today’s digital evolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies that include social, mobile, cloud, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and a slew of others,” says Abielmona. To improve your digital transformation strategy and convince people to buy your products or service, understand how customers think during each phase of the technology adoption curve.

Technology Adoption Curve: How to Win Over Customers

Personalize Customer Experience Using Multiple Channels

Studies reveal that an average American owns approximately four devices and engages in more than 60 hours of screentime a week. Optimize your mobile apps and social media to ensure a great customer experience across all platforms.

Prioritize Data Privacy

Every consumer expects their personal information to remain private. Therefore, be transparent about the security measures you put in place to continue their relationship with you.

Boost Consumer Satisfaction With Automation

Enhance user satisfaction with AI, ML, and predictive analytics resources. Today, chatbots can walk clients through your entire product or service without a single human touchpoint. Automation can save your organization time and money.

Offer Real-Time Responses

According to reports, 79% of consumers prefer to engage with a live chat option, and 80% of users expect businesses to respond to their posts within 24 hours. However, many companies struggle to keep pace and respond to questions, concerns, or comments. Offering real-time responses helps you win over customers.

To read more about the technology adoption curve, click on https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/377290.

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