IT Risk Management Steps You Should Take Now

Before you start working on your IT risk management scope, admit that it is a business-related risk you are dealing with. It is not just the responsibility of the IT department or the band of developers that regularly face such issues. However, every organization has its own set of vulnerabilities. This makes the effort to counter risks more isolated. Threat actors utilize this gap. But there are ways to care for your organization. In this article at Information Age, Dan Matthews shares the IT risk management steps you must take to make things easier.

IT Risk Management Steps You Must Consider

Identify Risk Centers

You cannot put sentries at all your gate. So, per Tarquin Folliss, director of corporate affairs at Reliance, you should detect your most vulnerable entry points and position the cyber guards there.

Set Up a Security Ecosystem

Purchase licenses of software and tools that can beef up your cyber resilience. Due to the remote work model and BYOD policies, the matter becomes a bit complicated. However, a good anti-virus software and regular evaluation of the risk surface can do the trick.

Have a Recovery Plan

One of the IT risk management steps is to plan a good recovery strategy. You cannot always have solutions. But you can simulate the conditions and prepare for an attack. Pascal Geenens, director of threat intelligence at Radware, stresses that visibility is what makes your plan more watertight.

Prevention Is Better Than IT Risk Management

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) lays down the following guidelines to prevent a cyber-attack:

Make your passwords stronger.Update patches as frequently as possible.Have a data backup and maintain an air gap.Establish multi-factor authentication.Have an incident management strategy in place. Review and simulate regularly.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.information-age.com/it-risk-management-best-practices-for-organisations-123499383/

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